Robby Wartke

Oxford based filmmaker.



Following two people as they explore their some what ironic views on mortality, ‘Sentient Decline’ is a pesudo-horror short which explores attitudes towards death and decay.

In ‘Armour’ a couple are peiceived to have a loving relationship. But darker things lay under the surface in this short drama.

A surreal documentary about reconstructive surgeon Harold Gillies. Made from completely recycled media, the short fuses remixed stock footage of information films about self/body image and footage from George Franju’s ‘Yeux Sans Visage’. ‘Smile. Not Too Much’ follows a narrative derived from the medical notes Gillies made when operating on the WW1 casualty Henry Ralph Lumley.

An existential body horror following a man’s nightmarish transformation in to the unhuman. Loosely based on Kafka’s Metamorphosis, ‘Tower Of Mollusc’ tries to observe the notion of the mental state made physical as a young man struggles with inner demons.